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California Employment Development Department ("EDD") agency that enforces the Work Sharing Unemployment Insurance Program

Work Sharing Unemployment Insurance Program


California’s Work Sharing Unemployment Insurance Program was the first program of its kind in the nation. The objective of the program is to help employers and employees avoid some of the burdens that accompany a layoff situation. If employees are retained during a temporary slowdown, employers can quickly gear up when business conditions improve. Employers are spared the expense of recruiting, hiring, and training new employees. Employees are spared the hardship of total unemployment. This program allows for the payment of Work Sharing Unemployment Insurance benefits to individuals whose wages and hours have been reduced. The program is considered a temporary and practical alternative to layoffs.


Any employer who has a reduction in production, services, or other conditions that cause the employer to seek an alternative to layoffs may participate in the Work Sharing program. Employers should consult with an experienced employment  law attorney to determine if the employer’s business meets all of the requirements.




Q:  How Does an Employer Participate in Work Sharing?

A:  Employers should consult with an experienced employment  law attorney to learn the following:

  • what are the advantages of the Work Sharing program

  • how does an employer qualify for Work Sharing

  • how the employer is charged for Work Sharing

  • whether an employer with multiple locations can have more than one Work Sharing plan

  • can an employer add an additional  location, employee, or work unit to an existing Work Sharing plan

  • what happens after the employer's Work Sharing plan application is approved

  • how an employer cancels the Work Sharing plan

  • how many subsequent Work Sharing plans can an employer receive

  • can a holiday be used as a Work Sharing day

  • how employers change their holiday schedule

  • how employees who participate in Work Sharing are required to serve a one week waiting period, and more.

If you have any further questions or need additional information on the Work Sharing Program, please contact me for a FREE confidential consultation at (916) 333-4653 or


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